At Ease with Brushwood CenterNature & Art for Veterans

Brushwood Center’s At Ease program is an innovative approach to empower military veterans’ wellbeing through a series of nature-based art and photography workshops.

This program is offered at no charge to military veterans thanks to our supporters and partners. Brushwood Center collaborates with the James A. Lovell Federal Healthcare Center to connect veterans to the arts and the opportunity to explore and restore in nature.

At Ease builds on research showing that exposure to nature and the arts improves mental health, self-esteem, and other obstacles that veterans face from the after-effects of military service, while also learning a new skill and hobby.

Participants immerse themselves in the peaceful sanctuary provided by Brushwood Center at the pristine Ryerson Woods, and discover a new side of themselves and the natural world.

All veterans are welcomed! If you are interested in attending any of the following workshops, please contact Dani at 224.633.2427 or