Book Talk and Walk

Force of Nature

with author Arthur Melville Pearson

Sunday, September 10

1 - 3 p.m.

Brushwood Center and Arthur Melville Pearson invite you to attend a special walk ‘n talk program. Arthur will share about his new biography of George Fell, founder (among many other things) of the Illinois Nature Preserves system, followed by a naturalist-led stroll through Edward L Ryerson Nature Preserve. This program is designed to enrich our understanding of our past and present, connecting the work of yesterday’s preservationists with the organizations – such as yours – that build upon that legacy today for the benefit of future generations.

About: Force of Nature: George Fell, Founder of the Natural Areas Movement, by Arthur Melville Pearson.

George Fell is one of the most important but under-appreciated men in the history of American conservation. He was the driving force behind the establishment of The Nature Conservancy, now the largest conservation organization in the world. He championed the passage of the Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act, which both provided the means to protect Illinois’ remaining natural areas and served as a model for other states to follow suit. He founded the Natural Land Institute, one of the most successful land trusts in all of Illinois. He protected more natural land in Illinois than anyone else, including the George B. Fell Nature Preserve, one of the largest dedicated Illinois Nature Preserves in the state. For these accomplishments and many more, the highest award given annually by the Natural Areas Association, of which Fell was a founding member, is the George B. Fell Award.

About the Author:


“Highly comprehensive, this biography not only does justice to an environmental hero but also serves as a credit to the concept that successful activism requires both perseverance and practicality.” “George Fell, an unsung conservationist and founder of the Nature Conservancy, finally receives his just due in this extremely detailed biography. His life stands as a testament to tenacity as the single most important component to change."

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